fundkoin is a platform for encouraging young innovators and achievers to develop or showcase their talent and allow the crowd to support them

Non-cash Investors

Fundkoin helps people in contributing in multiple ways other than offering their money. This automatically promotes ethical practices in crowdfunding.


Corporates can participate in this venture by helping innovative concepts and partnering with other brands and ventures in a mutually beneficial manner.


Here are just some of the many categories of projects that are under fundkoin

Contribute Your Expertise

Help innovative projects by offering your technical expertise

Hardware Supply

See how you can help with your unused hardware stuff, whatever it might be

Product Demos

Help projects by showcasing product demos and getting something in return

Office Space

Virtual Offices or physical office spaces for helping innovative ventures

Rapid Prototyping

Use our platform tools and people to build quick prototypes for a very reasonable price

Spread the Word

Our platform helps you to spread the word about your innovative project

Lead Generation

Use our Lead Generation platform to generate quality leads and track your campaign progress


Finally if you think money is the only thing you want, we can help there too

Projects we are helping...

Below are some of the projects which we have been helping

Team Member
PIX is the world’s first smart Animative Backpack


Team Member
Capture cinematic videos with Smartphones


Team Member
Blanc is the world’s warmest shirt


Team Member
The 1-Step Solution for better sleep

Dream On

See The Numbers (Beta Version)

Resources Contributed


Project Members